Michigan Paranormal Research Society 2009

Michigan Paranormal


MPRS was founded late 2009 in Eastern Michigan.  The founders, Zach Sopfe and Cory Weatherup, are two college students with a major interest in the paranormal. Their goal with making the group is to find answers along with helping their clients. The hours of the investigations will vary and can be either day or night, depending on what is most comfortable to YOU. We take all cases from a skeptical standpoint. This DOES NOT mean that we don't believe you or will criticize you, it DOES mean that we try to find real world answers to help you.


Pics and Audio from the our very first official investigation are now up! The investigation was on March 10 - 11, 2010.

"We couldn't be happier about the findings" the client said, "they validated stories that we didn't even tell them about."

"MPRS was very nice, professional and we will love to have them back! They made sure we were comfortable with the investigation before they did it. They also made clear no Ouija boards or anything other then audio and video devices would be used."

"It was a very interesting case, to say the least," Co-founder and lead investigator Zach said "We thought we had most of the stories debunked and there weren't really any personal experiences during the investigation. However, when we reviewed the audio, we found numerous EVPs. To find all the disembodied voices, but also have our clients stories be validated was great."