Michigan Paranormal Research Society 2009

Michigan Paranormal

Founder Cory Weatherup

My name is Cory Weatherup and I am a college student currently attending Michigan State University. I have been interested in the paranormal since 2005. I first started using digital recorders and camcorders to try and catch EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) in 2006. I am interested in the paranormal for the main reason most people are, I'm looking for answers. I would say I am somewhere in between a skeptic and a believer. I will do everything I can do to explain logically what can be explained, but I won't deny when something can't is out of the ordinary. Hopefully this work will help me get answers for not only myself but others as well.

Founder Zach Sopfe

My name is Zach Sopfe and I am a college student currently attending Grand Valley State. I have been interested in the paranormal most of my life and have always wanted to do investigations. In 2005, I met Cory and ever since then we have always talked about creating a paranormal group. Both of us wanted to find answers to our questions about the paranormal and we both wanted to help people understand it better. We started small investigations around us and we decided to try and expand it to help more people. Almost five years later, our dream is becoming a reality.